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How to choose PP modular tiles of sports court

1. Material:

Popular material is PP   PE and PVC material in the market  ,some adopt Recycled/reclaimed materials.

2. Environmental:

Virgin PP material is a food grade material which is non toxic and tasteless  ,hardness and crystalline, which will release the harmful substance over 110℃.( most feeding-bottle use PP material)

PE  is also an environmental material and it is soft.

PVC will release the harmful smell at high temperature.

3. Stability:

Expansion coefficient when -40℃ to 70℃

PP  within 5% ,

PE about 2% ,PVC about 1.8%.

when the tile size is 25cm ,The Expansion shrinkage value :

PP  about 1.5-2mm,

PE about 6-8mm,and PVC about 6mm.

Because of the good advantage of PP material, so main material of flooring is PP, but PP material could be recycled, and some bad factories want to reduce the cost and  choose reclaimed  PP to produce, even add CA powder to increase the weight. 

It is difficult to find the problem from the appearance and need test by professional institution.

Two way for pre-judgment :

1.The density of PP is 0.929g/ml,lighter than water,so it will be floated on water,but PVC and the flooring added CA powder can not .

2.There are some powder when you cut the inferior flooring.

Additive of Flooring

The formula has much impact on the flooring performance except the base raw material: Color Master-batch, antioxidant, anti ultraviolet agent, modifier ( PP material is hardness and needs modifier to change the performance as soft flooring.).

Poor quality additive will make the problem of flooring: Fading, weathering, short life time, and some bad supplier even does not use additive.

Why there are many price for similar appearance flooring?

The price should include:

Necessary Cost: Raw material, rent, depreciation of machinery, water and electricity charges, labor cost, etc

Extra charge: Test cost, promotion, brand building, etc.

After service cost: There is nothing perfect in the world.

Profit: No profit, no long and steady business. It is the base we do business.

Why there are many price for similar appearance flooring?

When choose bad material to save the cost ,then it is reasonable for some cheap product.

The flooring market access threshold is low ,and there are many family workshops which won’t have any quality and after service guarantee.


Racing Sports want to build long and steady business, and we pay much attention on the reputation.

Healthy, Environmental, and Steady Quality Product,  they are the base we go further.

Racing Sports will keep:

1. Patent tech will solve the problem when usage ,and we will constantly to do more .

2. Good after service.

3. Free charge of replenishment if quality problem and pay the penalty.