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Maintenance of sport interlocking tiles
Basketball court
Hockey court

                                                         Maintenance of sport interlocking tiles.

PP interlocking flooring tile used in basketball courts, volleyball courts, gymnasiums and other sports venues, It is an desired sports 

field fabric. Since the PP interlocking flooring is mainly laid outdoors, it is often exposed to wind, rain, and sun, effectively maintain

 the floor it can extend the use time of the PP interlocking flooring.

 Now we Introduce to you the maintenance and precautions of sport interlocking tiles.

1. Racing sports PP interlocking flooring tile has good flexibility and resistance high and low temperatures. But inferior sport interlocking

 tiles cannot withstand high temperatures above 70℃.

2. Clean the interlocking tiles floor, you can use detergent, washing powder, oxalic acid and other solvents to clean the floor with water

 at a ratio of 1:20, However, some manufacturers cannot withstand high-strength acid and alkali dissolution Liquid.

3. Avoid damaging the surface of the pp interlocking floor tiles by sharp objects; Remove hard debris on the surface of the floor; to 

prevent abrasion of the flooring.

Clean up snow on the ground in time; rinse ground sewage and deal with surface stains in time; pay attention to reducing high-heeled 

shoes or hard objects contacting the ground, Good maintenance of the PP interlocking flooring can extend its service life.